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Cincinnatus Wine [Merlot]

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Cincinnatus is sold at the winery in Colerain, in local stores, and online.

Cincinnatus is a dry red table wine made with Merlot and Chambourcin grapes. Vibrant flavor with a harmonious finish.

Cincinnatus is an award-winning wine with medals ranging from Silver at the Indy International Wine Competition to Double- Gold at the Indy Competition.

It continues to perform well in competitions and goes well with a variety of entrees, and sits well by itself if you feel like enjoying a glass of wine between meals.

Ohio currently has 340 wineries and hosts the Ohio Wine Competition each year[], except 2020 and Vinoklet Winery is no stranger to winning awards over the years with Cincinnatus winning a Silver Medal in 2006, Bronze Medal 2009, Silver 2014 Gold Medal 2015, Gold Medal 2016, Bronze Medal 2018, & Silver Medal in 2019. Cincinnatus has won at least two other awards; a Silver Medal and Double Gold Medal at the Indy International Wine Competition. The Indy International is "The Largest Scientifically and Independent Wine Competition in the United States"

Merlot Grape

The Merlot grape is dark blue and predominantly a wine grape variety, that is used as both a blending grape and for varietal wines; which means that it could be used to blend with other grapes or as the sole grape in a particular wine.

Chambourcin Grape

This grape was originally produced in France and is now one of the more popular hybrid grapes in Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, & New York because it is a cold-hardy hybrid that is also fungal resistant. Chambourcin is a “teinturier” grape, meaning that it has pink or red juice instead of clear juice that is typically found in black grapes.

While there is much to know about these two grapes, it's obvious that they blend well together to create a very palatable dry red table wine. The result is a nice medium-bodied wine that goes well with everything from meaty grilled fish to beef or even lamb. They are versatile cold-hardy grapes that can handle temperatures down to 0 or -10 (zone 6) and thus a versatile wine.

Cincinnatus is sold at the winery in Colerain, in local stores, and online.

Below is a chart provided by that helps

to identify the dryness/sweetness of the wine.

Cincinnatus Wine Sweetness - Dryness Chart Vinoklet Wines
Cincinnatus Wine Sweetness - Dryness Chart Vinoklet Wines

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