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Tears of Joy [Dry White Wine]

Tears of Joy is sold at the winery in Colerain, in local stores, and online.

Tears of Joy is a dry white table wine that resembles the taste of a chardonnay made with Vidal Blanc grapes. It's crisp and full of flavor yet soft to the palate.

Tears of Joy is another Vinoklet award-winning wine with medals ranging from Silver in 2001 to Gold in 2019 at the Ohio State Wine Competition.

Ohio currently has 340 wineries and hosts the Ohio Wine Competition each year [], (except 2020). Tears of Joy has performed well in several competitions and has remained consistent over the years as a Leading Dry White Wine out of the hundreds of Ohio Wineries. At the Ohio Wine Competition, it won a Silver Medal 2001, Bronze 2002, Silver 2011, Silver 2017, & a Gold Medal in 2019.

Tears of Joy also earned a Silver Medal at the Indy International Wine Competition. The Indy International is "The Largest Scientifically and Independent Wine Competition in the United States"

Other medals include a Gold Medal in 2018 at the Cincinnati International Wine Festival that hoasts approximately 700 wines from 200 wineries around the world as well as a Silver Medal from a previous year. Tears of Joy also won a Silver at the Mid American Wine Competition, as well as a Bronze Medal at the Finger Lakes Competition.

Vidale Blanc Grape

Vidal Blanc Grape - Tears of Joy Vinoklet Wine
Vidal Blanc Grape - Tears of Joy Vinoklet Wine

According to Wikipedia "Vidal blanc is a white hybrid grape variety produced from the Vitis vinifera variety Ugni blanc and another hybrid variety, Rayon d'Or. It is a very winter-hardy variety that manages to produce high sugar levels in cold climates with moderate to high acidity."

This is a very nice wine for those that enjoy dry white wines. This is not a bone dry wine nor is it semi-sweet, it is a step in from semi-sweet without being too dry, yet manages to remain crisp and flavorful.

The Vidal Blanc Grape is another versatile cold-hardy grapes that can handle winter temperatures down -10 (zone 6).

Tears of Joy is sold at the winery in Colerain, in local stores, and online.

Below is a chart provided by that helps

to identify the dryness/sweetness of the wine.

Tears of Joy Wine Chart
Tears of Joy - Wine Chart

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