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Bluegrass Music - Live Concert

Free Admission & Free Parking!

Bluegrass Music & Live Concert Announcment

Join us for the 25th Annual Art & Wine Festival on Saturday September 7th!

Vernon McIntyre's Appalachian Grass to perform live Saturday September 7th from noon until 3pm at Vinoklet Winery!
Vernon McIntyre's Appalachian Grass

Vernon McIntyre’s APPALACHIAN GRASS is a bluegrass band with style.  The band delivers an entertaining stage show with driving instrumentals, close knit harmonies, and amusing novelty songs.  Each band member contributes a unique element to the Appalachian Grass. The band is unified by Vernon’s matchless rhythm guitar picking, while Robert Campbell’s hard driving banjo is the backbone of the bluegrass sound. Kitty and her fiddle add a spark of excitement.  Susan’s shimmering mandolin offers another texture in the mix while Tammy’s bass provides the structure for the rest of the band’s musical inventions. Lead vocals rest mostly in Vernon’s capable hands with an occasional song from Kitty, Tammy, or Susan.  The combination of music, energy, showmanship, and humor just can’t be beat.

·         When:    Saturday  September 7, 2024

·         Time:     12:00 - 3:00 pm (or stay all day)

·         Where:  Vinoklet Winery & Restaurant.  11069 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH, 45252

·         Why:     Because you want to have a good time & enjoy good music!

APPALACHIAN GRASS is a staple at the winery and while they usually play in the restaurant on Wednesday evenings throughout the year, we are so pleased to have them back for this year's 25th Annual Art & Wine Festival.  Saturday is the biggest day of the festival, and it starts of with sweet sounds of Vernon’s band.  This is Bluegrass that you can get behind and we are happy they agreed to start of the day by performing from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm.   


With Free Parking and Free Admission, this is a great way to check out the fun without the insane crowds you'll find later Saturday Evening.  We expect the crowd to start off slow with guests slowly trickling in at 11:00 am to see the Artists and do some shopping, then gradually build as the day goes on.  This is a great time for you to find a spot on the hill to enjoy the outdoor amphitheater nestled between the vineyards and the pond.   


Bring your lawn chair, and a blanket, and make a day of it; shop from the local artists that will still be set up for the Art Show, get a bite to eat from the food vendor, drink some Wine or Beer, and enjoy the afternoon.


At this time of day, it’s still a family friendly environment, bring the kids and enjoy the event.  Don’t worry, it won’t get crazy until later in the evening when Second Wind hits the stage, but you still have time to enjoy some Classic Rock as well before the crazy begins with Eden as they take the stage at 3:00 pm and will play until 6:00 pm, then Second Wind will take the stage and play from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm, which is when the biggest craziest party of the year really kicks in.  You can check out the other bands and more about the festival by clicking on the link below.


Join the fun and bring your friends for an entire weekend of entertainment and Art & Wine, at the 25th Annual Art and Wine Festival at Vinoklet Winery!

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Vernon McIntyre's Appalachian Grass Plays Vinoklet Winery For the 25 Annual Art & Wine Festival
Vernon McIntyre's Appalachian Grass

Live Music Concert Announcement - Bluegrass Music Live at Vinoklet Winery
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