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Art & Wine Festival
September 9th, 10th, & 11th 2022
Celebrating 23 years of  Amazing Festivals

Seeking Volunteers for Saturday, Sept 9th! Contact us for more details at

Fri 9th : 5:30 - 11:00 pm
Sat 10th : 12:00 to 11:00 pm
Sun 11th: 12:00 to 8:00 pm

(unless it rains and we will close earlier). Check website for up to date info. 


Special Friday Evening Kickoff


Live Music!

Art Vendors, Music, & Food

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Food & Wine


2022 Music Line up

Friday 9/9:

   Special Guest MC: Steve Sommers
   From Overnight Drive
  • 5:30 - 7 ME & JT

  • 7:30 -11 Eden

Saturday 9/10:
   Special Guest MC: Chris & Janeen
   From WGRR
Sunday 9/11:
Sunday musical guests canceled due to thunderstorms this afternoon!

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Festival Information



  • Free to enter Festival

  • Free parking at winery (pending availability)

  • Each Year in the past we have had overflow parking with shuttles.  Shuttles. At this time the free overflow parking with a shuttle:  Germania park 

             2:00 to 12:00 pm Saturday

             Free to browse & shop over 40+ art booths

  • Free Concerts [Bands & Times - See above]

  • Family Fun All Day

  • Dancing, singing, shopping, playing, drinking, & having fun!!

  • Adults recommended after 5:00 pm  

Purchase Tickets...

  • Wine Tasting - 12 Award Winning Vinoklet Wines

  • Food Booths: Cheese Trays, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs Etc...

  • Food Booths open to the public (no reservation needed)

  • Beer available to purchase at several locations.

Restaurant - Reservation Only

  • Saturday & Sunday "Grilled to Perfection Menu"

  • Saturday Reservations 4:00 to 8:00 (open to 11:00)

  • Sunday Reservations 12:00 to 5:00 

  • Reservation must be made online & a confirmation received prior to the day of the event.

Ask the parking attendant about handicapped parking.

(first come first served) 


Please no outside food or drink permitted

Artist Check-in Registration
September 8th, 10 am to 6 pm 
or 9th to 10 am to 6 pm

Festival Hours 

Friday 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm 
Saturday 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Additional Artist Information Below


Artist Application Info

23rd Annual Vinoklet Art & Wine Festival

Friday  Sept. 9, 5:30-9 pm

Saturday  Sept 10, 12-10 pm

Sunday  Sept 11, 12-6 pm


11069 Colerain Ave., Cincinnati. Ohio 45252

The Vinoklet Art & Wine Festival is a popular autumn celebration held outdoors at the vineyard and restaurant of Vinoklet Winery in northwestern Cincinnati, Ohio.  15,000 visitors enjoy award-winning wine, great art, live music, real food, and free admission to one of the most picturesque venues in the region.


40-50 artists exhibit and sell their work each year, and enjoy the show as much as the shoppers do.  The atmosphere is laid back, the weather is almost always beautiful in the vineyards up on the hill, the booth price is affordable, and the winery consistently

delivers enthusiastic crowds who like to spend while they play.  Many successful artists say this is a good revenue-producing show for them and also say it’s their most enjoyable show of the year.  Visit to see a sampling of the artists who participated last year. 


Convenient artist amenities make this a hassle-free show.  Flexible, extended set-up hours.  Easy load-in and tear-down with vehicle access right to your booth space.  Free electrical access throughout. And some of the nicest staff and fellow artists you’ll find anywhere.



                                                                      Extensive advertising with a city-wide                                                                                    reach includes newspaper features and ads,                                                                          radio spots, retail take-ones, signage, mail                                                                            and social media promotion to thousands of                                                                          winery customers and a substantial web                                                                                presence. 









Important Dates

April TBA -  Artist application deadline; email or postmark on this date at the latest

May  TBA - Acceptance notifications emailed

June TBA - Accepted artists confirm or decline their participation in the 2018 show 

July 12              Booth payment due

August 9          Last day for cancellations with refund

Sept 1ish          Likely booth locations emailed to artists

September 8    Registration 10 am - 6 pm: booth set-up 10 am – dark

September 9   Registration & booth setup 10 am – 5 pm; Show hours 6-9 pm

September 10  Show hours 12 noon - 10 pm

September 11   Show hours 12 noon  -  6 pm; tear-down 6 – 9:30 pm

If there are booth spaces still available after jurying and the artist confirmations of participation, late applications will continue to be accepted and juried.  Qualifying artists will be accepted in still-open categories or may be placed on a category-specific wait list for already full categories.  In spite of this ongoing jurying, please be sure to meet the April 19th application deadline, as many categories and often the entire show becomes full during the first jury session.




The Vinoklet Art & Wine Festival is open to professional artists and fine-craft artisans who are 18 years and older.  All work must be original in concept and must have been created by the accepted exhibitor.  No work from commercially provided kits, molds, patterns, plans, prefabricated forms or other commercial methods may be exhibited.  Absolutely no buy/sell is permitted. 


Accepted artists must be present throughout the show and must be open for business until the closing time each day.  Artists are responsible for staffing their booths, conducting all sales transactions and paying all sales taxes. 



Categories of Work


Artists should apply under one Primary category of work, and an additional Secondary category may be selected for additional, lower-volume work (such as a potter who creates functional pottery with a small amount of clay jewelry pendants on the side).  If a secondary category is chosen, the artist must provide the percentage of booth space that will be devoted to the secondary category.    


Drawing and printmaking – original works created using dry or fluid media.

Ceramics – original handmade clay and porcelain, both functional and decorative.

Fiber and leather – all work handcrafted from fiber or leather, both wearable and decorative, including clothing, basketry, weaving, tapestry, paper-based products, and soft sculpture.

Furniture – original functional furniture, of any material, fabricated with machine tools and/or hand tools.

Glass – original and handmade blown glass, fused glass and stained glass work, both functional and decorative; lampworked beads should be placed in the jewelry category.

Jewelry – this category includes fine jewelry made from precious metals and gems, assembled jewelry created from purchased components, and handcrafted beads or other components made of metal, glass, paper, clay, fiber or other natural materials.

Metals – any original work formed by bending, cutting, forging, welding or wiring together metal pieces, sheets, and tubing; the finished work may be a sculpture but is not sculpted through carving, chiseling or casting.

Mixed media – both 2-D and 3-D works that incorporate more than one type of physical material.

Painting – original works created in oils, acrylics, watercolor, and pastels; original works should occupy the majority of your booth walls, with signed and numbered reproductions available in browse bins or slings.

Photography – both traditional and digital photography are accepted; framed works should occupy the majority of your booth walls with matted prints available in browse bins or slings.

Sculpture – three-dimensional work, in the round or in relief, formed by carving wood, chiseling stone, modeling clay or casting metal.

Wood – original works in wood that are hand-tooled, machine-worked or turned.

Other – please describe.





All applicants are juried each year, meaning that acceptance one year doesn’t guarantee acceptance in the following years.  This results in the highest possible quality of work being exhibited in each category in any given year.   If you’re a returning artist, you’re encouraged to include your new work, as an evolving body of work makes your application most competitive and ensures that the buying public will find exciting new art each year. 


Please note that show organizers are strongly committed to maintaining a balance between media categories, with each category receiving no more than 12.5% of the total booth spaces.  In addition, jurors will seek to achieve a balance within each category to prevent redundancies in how each artist interprets and uses his or her medium.  The highest-scoring applicants within each category are invited to exhibit, and additional qualifying artists will be placed on a waitlist within their specific category.


The jury is composed of knowledgeable working artists who are conversant in a variety of media.  Every effort is made to have each eligible medium category represented by at least one juror on the panel.  Images will be reviewed individually by the jurors, with particular attention paid to the originality, artistic skill and quality of the work. 


Artists who choose a category as their sole or primary category are given preference when selecting those who will be accepted for the category.  If an artist chooses two categories and one of those categories becomes full, the artist can still be included in this year’s show if he or she has noted in the Comments section a willingness to exhibit only work from the still-open category.  Decisions of the jurors are final.


Booth shots will be evaluated for professional and neat appearance.  In addition, each participating artist’s booth will be juried during the show to verify consistency with the artist’s submitted images and to evaluate overall product quality and booth appearance.  Artists may be asked to remove work which fails to meet the quality and standards represented in the juried images or which doesn’t meet eligibility requirements.  Incomplete applications will not be juried, so please provide all information requested.



Booth Placement, Fees and Payment


The fee for a single 10 x 10 booth space is $140; very limited double spaces are $280.  Electricity is provided at every space free of charge. 


Payment is due on July 1 if you’re accepted in May.  If accepted after the initial May 3 notifications, please make your booth payment as soon as possible (within a week or two), as your payment locks in your booth space.  If you’re called from the wait list, you must pay your booth fee before setting up your booth on September 8 or 9.


Booths are arranged in back-to-back rows, with electrical outlets mounted approximately every 10’ on the fence rails directly behind the booths.  Please take advantage of the free electricity and plan on adequately lighting your display area even during daylight hours as it significantly improves the appearance of your display and artwork.  Bring your own lights, extension cords and power strips with a ground fault.  Please use energy efficient bulbs to keep your total wattage as low as possible to prevent power outages.  Note that additional space behind your booth may be very limited so please plan for your storage needs accordingly.


As in last years show all booths will be corner booths with a 10-foot space between you and your neighbor on one side.  Please refrain from storing piles of extra inventory and packaging supplies in this area in order to keep the show area looking neat and professional.




Registration and set-up begins at 10 am on Thursday, September 8.  Registration closes at 6 pm, however you’re welcome to continue setting up until dark.  Registration and set-up resumes on Friday morning at 10 am, and you’ll want to be ready for opening by 5:00 when customers start trickling in. 


Please check-in at the registration location on the east end of the show site before proceeding to your booth location.  You’ll receive your information packet, confirm your booth location (on rare occasions the location changes at the last minute), sign up for booth sitting if needed, and learn if there’s any coffee and pastries left.   


After registration, drive your vehicle directly to your booth space for easy unloading.  Please unload completely, then move your vehicle to the parking lot before returning to your booth to set up.


White tents are much preferred.  Be certain your tent is securely staked into the ground and weighted.  Booth locations are in an area where grapevines used to grow, and while the winery has worked each year to level the area as much as possible there are some remaining bumps and gravel to work around as well as uneven terrain in some areas.  Bring your shims.  Sidewalls are highly recommended, both for closing up your space at night and for protection against the weather.  The event is held rain or shine.


During the show you’ll be parking in one of two designated artist-parking areas, both a quick and easy distance from the show site (measured in yards, not city blocks).  The closest parking for artists is adjacent to the last row of artist booths, and you can request this nearest parking location on your application.  Please include your reason for requesting a nearby location, as first preference will be given to those who have physical limitations or who make frequent trips to their vehicles to re-stock particularly heavy or large items.  Requests for nearby parking will be considered in the order received.


Aisle space is fairly tight once all booths are in place, so driving your vehicle to your booth during the weekend can be problematic.  If you’ll need to move items to or from your booth Saturday night or Sunday morning, we highly recommend stopping your vehicle in the winery parking lot and dollying your items to your booth before proceeding to your normal parking location.


Security is provided Friday and Saturday overnight in the artist areas, and the tented area is well-lit throughout the night on both Friday and Saturday nights.


After the show you will tear down your booth completely, then get a loading pass from the coordinator in order to bring your vehicle to your tent space.  Complete details will be provided on Sunday.



Completing Your Application


You may submit your application and images via email or on CD via postal mail.  You must provide 4 product images and 1 outdoor booth image for your sole or primary product category.  If you choose a secondary category as well, please also provide 4 product images for your second category. 


The preferred format for submitting your images is email, .  Use a CD/DVD for your images if sending through the mail.  Use JPEG format, 1920 dpi at the largest dimension, and title each image with your name and the item description (i.e. Johnson, Ted - vase).  Electronic images will be used for jurying and, with your permission, in social media and website promotion.


  • If submitting via email, please scan your completed and signed form and send it with your images to, then mail your $20 jury fee and business card to Vinoklet Winery Art & Wine Festival, c/o John Weller, 820 Stonebridge Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio 45233  


  • If submitting a paper application, please print out the application and mail the completed, signed form with your images on CD/DVD, $20 jury fee and business card to Vinoklet Winery Art & Wine Festival, c/o  John Weller, 820 Stonebridge Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio 45233.


More About Booth Locations


Because booth spaces are arranged along four straight rows with no cross aisles, and because customers enter the show area from both the east and west ends, every booth location is equally accessible and visible to your customers.  It’s impossible to have an out-of-the-way location at this show!


We do our best to honor your location preferences.  At the same time, we’re adamant about creating a layout that looks fresh and exciting every year while dispersing the categories throughout the site.  We want returning customers to be drawn into the aisles because they see something irresistible or new.  Therefore, booth locations for returning artists are shifted from year to year to enhance your customers’ shopping experience and entice them to walk the aisles.


Please include your booth location requests on your application and be as specific as possible.  “Same spot as last year” becomes irrelevant because your location will be moved.  Instead, if you liked your spot, include what you liked about it so that your new spot will meet most or all of your requirements.  For example, you could say “in order of importance: next to J. Smith, second aisle, toward the middle of the row.” If you have more than one request, please note which is most important to increase the likelihood you’ll be satisfied with your spot.  If you’d be happy anywhere, just leave that section of your application blank.  If you’re a new artist to the show and are unfamiliar with the layout, feel free to email your questions if you’d like to specify a location.




If you have questions about the festival or the application process, please contact John Weller, Artist Coordinator, at


Thank you for considering the Vinoklet Art & Wine Festival as a venue for exhibiting your work!

















picture.jpg Logo - Advertisin for Vinoket Winery Art & Wine Festival helped with advertising for the Art & Wine Festival.  They have resources for Artists as well, you may want to check them out when you have time by clicking on the icon below.

Please email John at the email address below for updated artist information, thank you!


Artist Application Information
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